We shouldn't be able to see the air we are breathing!

The lungs are being inundated with more toxins than usual: both chemical and particulate. That's the nature of wildfires and human-generated pollutants. What can you do about it?
The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. The lung has a system much like an escalator that moves particulates, whether mucus or small pieces that were inhaled, up to the throat where they can be coughed out. Another system involves chemical reactions to protect the delicate tissue. These chemicals defend the surfaces by neutralizing harmful substances that come in contact with or are made by the lung tissue.
Commonly known antioxidants from fruits and vegetables are available for the body to use when supplied in the diet. The best sources are freshly grown and picked organic, non-GMO foods. A large part of the challenge supporting the body to do it's job detoxifying is supplying active nutrients in sufficient quantity. It is here that we are fortunate to benefit from nutritional supplements, conc…

Two minutes, and your life is easier!

Whether you're busy with work, family or school, eating healthy food is important to maintaining a good energy level. When we eat, consider that our food can be either 'rocket fuel' or kerosene. Both burn. Choose to be the rocket, and use the fuel that is best for the job.
In just two minutes, this video will show you how to make Frittata Jars for grab-n-go meals.
Fuel the Rocket!

Enjoy your fast food in health,
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Clinical Effects of Ozone Therapy

I found this information on the clinical effects of ozone at

CLINICAL EFFECTS OF OZONE THERAPY Ozone can produce different effects according to the chosen concentration and the way of its administration. There are plenty of studies that back up the following comments.
Bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal Therapeutic ozone indirectly activates the non-specific defense system as well as components of cellular and humoral immunity. ♦Anti-inflammatory Oxidizes the compounds containing double bonds which participate in the development and sustaining of the inflammatory process, regulates metabolic reactions and resolves pH. ♦Ozone analgesic effect Oxidates the products that act on the nerve endings in damaged tissue and determines the intensity of pain response. ♦Detoxification Correction and activation of metabolic processes in the hepatic and renal tissues. ♦Activation of oxygen-dependent processes The increase in the content of free and dissolved blood oxygen plus mitochondrial a…

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EMFs, are they safe?

Feel like a lab rat sometimes?
Are EMFs safe for us, or not? ElectroMagnetic Frequencies:The most common sources are electrical wires, electric motors, power lines, metal pipes (plumbing), wireless devices and cordless phones. Now before you yell at me, "Of course EMFs are not safe!" understand they are part of our environment for good.  I have compiled some links to follow that outline tips and techniques to make your EMF space more habitable. Some people feel EMFs bother them, while others do not. In the more holistic health fields, we find that a strong immune system is the best defense for our cells. Almost all of the people I have met who have EMF sensitivities also have less than optimal immune responses.  So take a look at this information and feel free to share it. You may want to make some improvements to your environment, just to be safer or protect a loved one.

EMFs: Locating the source and decreasing the radiation
Meters for testing EMFs range in price and sensitivi…

What are all those letters after your name?

Somebody just asked me, "What does cabin mean after your name?" HaHa. means I did a very long course through the Carrick Institute then took a test, passed, and got a certificate showing I am board certified in nutrition and neurochemistry. We covered all the neurotransmitters, some anemias and autoimmune aspects and so much more! (2011) PAK: Professional Applied Kinesiology (1983) DCN: Diplomate Clinical Nutrition (2015) DCBCN: Chiropractic Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition (2015) ...oh, DC: Doctor of Chiropractic (1986) Every year, chiropractors in California are required to fulfill a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education, approved by the board. And, there is no upper limit on continuing ed. So, technically, the longer you're a DC, the more you know!