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EMFs, are they safe?

Feel like a lab rat sometimes?
Are EMFs safe for us, or not? ElectroMagnetic Frequencies:The most common sources are electrical wires, electric motors, power lines, metal pipes (plumbing), wireless devices and cordless phones. Now before you yell at me, "Of course EMFs are not safe!" understand they are part of our environment for good.  I have compiled some links to follow that outline tips and techniques to make your EMF space more habitable. Some people feel EMFs bother them, while others do not. In the more holistic health fields, we find that a strong immune system is the best defense for our cells. Almost all of the people I have met who have EMF sensitivities also have less than optimal immune responses.  So take a look at this information and feel free to share it. You may want to make some improvements to your environment, just to be safer or protect a loved one.

EMFs: Locating the source and decreasing the radiation
Meters for testing EMFs range in price and sensitivi…

What are all those letters after your name?

Somebody just asked me, "What does cabin mean after your name?" HaHa. means I did a very long course through the Carrick Institute then took a test, passed, and got a certificate showing I am board certified in nutrition and neurochemistry. We covered all the neurotransmitters, some anemias and autoimmune aspects and so much more! (2011) PAK: Professional Applied Kinesiology (1983) DCN: Diplomate Clinical Nutrition (2015) DCBCN: Chiropractic Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition (2015) ...oh, DC: Doctor of Chiropractic (1986) Every year, chiropractors in California are required to fulfill a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education, approved by the board. And, there is no upper limit on continuing ed. So, technically, the longer you're a DC, the more you know!

Why Are You Poisoning Your Children?

Concerned, conscientious parents make choices for their kids to cut fat, sugar, cholesterol, calories and often end up exposing children to chemicals. Sucralose, Sweet n Low, NutraSweet, Truvia, Aspartame, Sorbitol, are a few sugar replacements that have potential side effects.These non-nutritive sweeteners are derived from anything from corn to chemicals. Sucralose, which once seemed like a safe alternative, has gone through 21 processing steps and will create symptoms such as headaches for some people. Aspartame has been shown to be a neurotoxin, sorbitol may be a trigger for cancer cells, and Truvia is chemically modified stevia.Risking chemical burdens that alter your child’s DNA transcription or liver function does not sound like a good idea to me.Get these out of your child’s diet NOW.Go back to using small amounts of natural sugars. Coconut sugar is a great way to lower the glycemic index of foods and works well for baking. Try Coconut World’s link:…

The Way to Your Health is Through Your Stomach

Deal Breakers are barriers to health. One of those Deal Breakers is Gut Health. While most do not consciously appropriately feed themselves in a timely and nutritious fashion; most certainly all who have made poor dietary or tainted dietary choices realize the true meaning of “deal breaker.”The GI tract can make or break your day.There is no going to work, going shopping, taking a test, getting a good night’s sleep or enjoying a walk in the park when the gut is “off.” In the same way, there is no hope for proper hormone function, blood sugar regulation, mental focus, or digestion and absorption of nutrients when the gut is “off.”So what can tip us off to a primary gut-related cause of illness?The most obvious symptom is pain.Others include: indigestion relieved by antacid use, bloating, irregular bowel habits, discolored bowel elimination or foul odor, tender abdomen to the touch, queasy or nauseous feeling, acne or skin blemishes, foggy brain, headaches, joint pain, swollen feet/ank…


Sun block protective for damaging sun rays (UVa and UVb) can in itself be damaging.It is challenging to find a sun block that is void of parabens, benzones, salates, phenols, and PABA.Actually, it is impossible in some markets.These chemicals will bind to cell receptors in the human body and block, fool, or change the natural healthy cell activity.The damaging results can result in breast development in men and boys, hormone imbalances leading to early menses in girls, and damage to the naturally protective acid mantle of the skin layer which may increase the risk of some skin cancers. No sunscreen can lead to over-exposure burns to the skin.Over exposed skin over the years can create damage to the cell’s DNA leading to many types of skin cancers.Avoiding sunscreen’s potentially toxic effects can lead to disaster, just as using chemically inappropriate sunscreen might.So the dilemma is upon us.Settling for a sun block that has only a couple of the damaging ingredients is not good eno…

Tips for Radiation Protection

Please find below an article by my collegue, Dr. Jim. You will find my recommendations at the end.Dr. Doreo Healthy Tips for Protecting Your Body from Radiation and Nuclear Fallout
James P. Blumenthal, DC, DACBN, FACFN  I spent a bit of time online earlier today checking and responding to some Facebook sites that were discussing or looking for information on protecting ourselves from what appears to be the coming radiation from the reactor explosions and meltdowns following the tsunamis in Japan. One of the results was that I was asked to post some information to help all of us separate physiology from hysteria. Let's talk about protecting ourselves and our loved ones from the fall-out. Most of the discussions I have seen so far are focused on taking iodine, particularly potassium iodide. So, let's talk about the use of potassium iodide, also known by its chemical abbreviation "KI". If you are within 10-50 miles of a reactor meltdown, radioactive iodine will connect to …

Managing Holiday Stress

Managing holiday stress Forget it, I am not going to recommend you “reduce your stress.” The end of the year brings additional stress with Holiday demands and expectations.  It brings parties and additional social gatherings requiring your time and energy.  For most of this these obligations are taxing.  Being obligations does not mean they are unpleasant, they are simply extra work, bringing extra stress. What do I recommend for managing holiday stress?  Eat well.  And when you can’t:                Gluten Flam for the cookies, breads and cakes that will only serve to make you fat and stupid otherwise!                HCl Prozyme, DigestizymeV, or Spectrazyme for the difficult to digest meals.                Intesol for heart burn due to dietary indiscretion.                Adaptocrine or Adreset to adapt the adrenal glands to extra stress; or if you are REALLY stressed out and depleted, Adrenozyme or Adrenogen.  Liquid B12 Max is a powerful energy booster.                Drinking t…

IBS: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Dr. Nancy Doreo “It is estimated that one in five adult Americans have symptoms of IBS...”ALTH Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is an inflammatory intestinal condition and the most common digestive disorder seen by physicians. It is estimated that one in five adult Americans have symptoms of IBS, although fewer than half of them seek help for it. Twice as many women suffer from the condition than men. This disorder is also sometimes called intestinal neurosis, mucous colitis, spastic colitis, or spastic colon.
The normally rhythmic muscular contractions of the digestive tract become irregular and uncoordinated with IBS. This interferes with the normal movement of food and waste materials, and leads to malabsorption of nutrients and the accumulation of mucous and toxins in the intestine. This accumulated material sets up a partial obstruction of the digestive tract, trapping gas and stools, which in turn causes bloating, distention(abdomen protruding outward), and c…

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be excruciating and
crippling. The common signs of
temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
dysfunction are: TMJ pain, limitation
of mouth opening, pain in the
chewing muscles, grating or clicking
joint sounds and deviation of the
mouth on opening. Others include:
locking of the jaw, pain in the head,
neck, face and/or shoulders, a
sudden change of the way the teeth
fit together. Any of these signs and
symptoms warrants a complete
examination of the TMJ and
surrounding structures from your
practitioner specializing in applied
Injuries to the jaw range from
athletics, fighting, biting down too
hard, poor dentition, bruxism (nighttime
tooth grinding), auto accidents,
clenching, pathologies and arthritis.
All are subject to causing brief or
long-term dysfunction.
The jaw joint itself is comprised of a
socket, formed by cranial bones in
front of the ear, and the lower jaw,
mandible, which has two surfaces
protruding upward. One protrusion
closest to the ear is covered with

Nerve Entrapment

Nerve entrapment can be painful and
debilitating. Problems with nerves can
occur not only in the spine but also
along the path the nerve takes through
the torso and extremities. Nerves can
be trapped between bones, muscles,
and other tissues in any given area. An
applied kinesiology specialist is trained
to identify the cause of soft tissue nerve
entrapment, isolate and treat the key
issues, and teach selfcare to maintain
These types of injuries are very
common in sports or repetitive stress
activities on the job. Nerve injuries can
cause pain, weakness or numbing
sensations. In this manner, they mimic
spinal problems and are many times
misdiagnosed. For example, when there
is weakness in the hand or you wake up
and your hand is stiff and has “fallen
asleep,” you think it is a problem with
your wrist or hand. The problem may
very well be that the nerves are trapped
under a muscle that is too short and
tight where the nerve exits your chest
going into your arm.
Many example…


Methylation is the addition of a methyl
group to a molecule or the
replacement of an atom or atom
group in a molecule with a methyl
It all sounds like greek and, probably,
not that important to you. Even most
doctors likely don’t know much, if
anything about it. Yet, arguably,
methylation may be the most
important biochemical process in your
body and the most important
consideration when your health is in
question, especially when nothing
seems to help and the doctors you’ve
seen just can’t seem to figure out
what is causing all the problem.
Because cell division and the
manufacture of proteins and enzymes
within each cell depends on
methylation, a huge range of health
problems can be due to impaired
Low methylation impairs the
production of CoQ10 and can lead to
high homocysteine levels in your
system resulting in inflammation and
damage to the heart and blood
vessels. Fatigue is a common
symptom associated with this
problem because CoQ10 is essential
for the mito…

Biofilms: A Cause Chronic Illness

You may not be familiar with the term
"biofilm," but you have certainly
encountered biofilm on a regular basis.
The plaque that forms on your teeth and
causes tooth decay is one type of
bacterial biofilm. The "gunk" that clogs
your drains is also biofilm. If you have
ever walked in a stream or river, you
have probably slipped on biofilm-coated
They’re found in natural environments
such as hot springs, rivers and streams,
lakes, and tide pools, to man-made and
industrial environments such as water
and drainage pipes, sanitation systems,
house-hold sinks, toilets, and showers,
and even in the water tanks of nuclear
power plants. Biofilms avidly colonize
many household surfaces, including
toilets, sinks, countertops, and cutting
boards in the kitchen and bath. Poor
disinfection practices and ineffective
cleaning products may increase the
incidence of illnesses associated with
pathogenic organisms in the household
Biofilms form when bacteria adhere …

Craniosacral Mechanism

On The Fundamental Importance of
Your Head
So many health problems arise from a
mechanism in the body about which the
majority of doctors are unaware: the
cranial-sacral mechanism. Members of
the osteopathic and chiropractic
professions have made a major effort to
understand dysfunction in this area and
to correct it. Unfortunately this
knowledge has not been widely
dispersed, and a majority of individuals
continue to suffer with health problems
which could be corrected if a larger
number of doctors were aware of the
wide range of
problems developing
from disturbances in
the mechanics of the
human head. !
Many of the areas in
which application of
the cranial concept
might be of great
benefit are controlled
by specialists who are not yet aware of
this very potent and vital tool for their
patients. These specialties include
pediatrics, obstetrics, dentistry,
psychiatry, ear-nose-and-throat doctors,
and the general practitioner. Other
conditions that may be caused by
cranial problems are…

Sick or Health Care

US healthcare is the most expensive
in the world and rated 72nd in overall
level of health when compared to 191
member nations included in a 1997
study by The World Health
Organization (WHO).
In 2007, 45% of Americans were
living with one or more chronic
diseases and that 45% accounted for
75% of the almost $2.4 trillion spent
on health care that year. If we
compare ourselves to Japan, the
industrialized nation with the longest
life expectancy (82.07 years), we
spend more than twice as much per
capita on health care.
About $3 out of every $4 spent on
healthcare is used to treat chronic
and degenerative illnesses with many
of these resulting from or being
compounded by lifestyle habits.
Examples of these illnesses are heart
disease, stroke, lung disease,
obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis,
arthritis, and many digestive,
inflammatory, and hormonal illnesses.
What is Health?
It is essential to help sick people get
well. But, how did they get sick in the
first place and what could be done to

Gait and Health...Are you walking right?

Normal Gait Is Essential
If your feet function as they are
designed to the nerve endings in the
joints and soft tissues (muscles,
ligaments, tendons, connective
tissues, and skin) send information to
your central nervous system so that
your brain knows that it is standing or
walking. When you meet these
criteria you have a natural and
function gait. !
This extremely complex neurological
process is essential for organization
of muscle tone and coordination
throughout your body. It is also
essential for neurological organization
of your nervous system as a whole
and Dr. Walther considered gait
dysfunction to be the second most
common cause of neurological
disorganization. !
Normally Walking Is Therapy
If all of the nerve endings of your foot
and ankle send the correct
information concerning position,
movement, and pressure to your
nervous system, your brain will then
“know what to tell each muscle in
your body to do” in order for your
posture and movement to be fluid,
harmonious, and st…

Is Your Nervous System Disorganized?

When you are healthy, your nervous
system will function in a predictable
manner. Nervous system function can
be observed by testing muscle strength
using applied kinesiology. During
movement it is correct for some
muscles to be strong (facilitated) and
others to be weak (inhibited). For
instance, when you flex your elbow,
your biceps muscle should be strong/
facilitated and the muscle that would
normally extend your elbow, your triceps
muscle, should be inhibited. This
phenomenon is called reciprocal
inhibition and it is essential for your
nervous system to be organized and
your posture and movement to be
efficient and pain free. !
If your nervous system is functioning in
a predictable and organized manner
and in a fashion appropriate to the
environment, it is regulating your
posture, movement, and internal
processes optimally. This is the state of
neurological organization and it is the
goal of applied kinesiology healthcare. !
Neurological Disorganization
Neurological disorganizatio…

Applied Kinesiology is the Answer

Over 75% of the trillions health care
dollars spent in the US are not spent on
infectious or traumatic diseases, but on
diseases that people develop when their
bodies no longer function properly.
There is a form of health care that is
devoted to restoring and maintaining the
normal function of the body throughout
life, and Applied Kinesiology is the
When you are treated by an Applied
Kinesiologist, you directly experience
your body function being evaluated and
restored. When you experience
improved strength, range of motion, and
other measures during treatment you
are observing AK corrections restoring
normal function to your body systems.
Your Applied Kinesiologist re-aligns
bones in your body and re-sets muscles
to function properly, because muscles
move bones. The structural, mechanical
correction of misaligned bones is greatly
enhanced by the normal function of the
muscles that support whatever joint is
involved. And when your joints function
properly, they last …