What are all those letters after your name?

Somebody just asked me, "What does cabin mean after your name?"
HaHa. CABNN...it means I did a very long course through the Carrick Institute then took a test, passed, and got a certificate showing I am board certified in nutrition and neurochemistry. We covered all the neurotransmitters, some anemias and autoimmune aspects and so much more! (2011)
PAK: Professional Applied Kinesiology (1983)
DCN: Diplomate Clinical Nutrition (2015)
DCBCN: Chiropractic Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition (2015)
...oh, DC: Doctor of Chiropractic (1986)
Every year, chiropractors in California are required to fulfill a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education, approved by the board. And, there is no upper limit on continuing ed. So, technically, the longer you're a DC, the more you know!


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