Skin Rash

Elimination and Detoxification Relates to Your Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body.   It's an organ.  The skin functions as a shield between the body and the millions of foreign substances that exist in our environment.  It also functions as a means of excreting toxins and other substances from the body, as the kidneys and bowels do.  As a result, the skin is subject to rash as well as a host of other problems.  Dr. Doreo uses nutritional approaches to the skin.

Although these drugs often work well to eliminate the symptom of rash, steroids taken for more than a few days may be very risky as they compromise your health.  In the case of a rash that is not identified, and therefore any other treatment identified, steroid treatment might be the last resort for a MD.  Reading the information given to you with this drug will outline some of the health problems that may develop.  These should include osteoporosis, adrenal malfunction, weight gain due to impaired carbohydrate metabolism and liver failure.

The MD's tools are drugs and surgery.  Steroids suppress the symptom of the rash and the side effects create more symptoms leading to more drugs and more symptoms… your health may seriously decline.
Alternative Medicine operates in a different realm than the MD.  Alternatives to drugs and surgeries are pursued.  The Alternative Medicine Doctor's tools are things like vitamins, herbs, spinal adjustments, etc.  There are too many alternatives to list them all.  A consultation with an Alternative Medicine Doctor explores which option(s) may be available to you in your particular case.  Often, you'll discover that several of your symptoms are due to the same health problem. 
For example, sometimes a layer of mucus can develop on the intestinal walls.  If this happens, all kinds of symptoms can occur!  This prevents the body from absorbing nutrients.  The person would fatigue and the appetite increase (often for sugary things), the person would gain weight readily.  Also, bowel elimination isn't working so the body begins to eliminate through the back up organ - the skin.  So, the person may develop skin rash, or itchy skin, or even acne.  Further the bowel is a vital organ in the immune system so the person becomes very susceptible to bacteria, virus, and illness.  Because of the weak immune system function, a cold can quickly progress into pneumonia.  All from mucus build up on the bowel walls!
         In this case, an Alternative Medicine Doctor would put this person on a product that cleans the bowel wall of mucus.  Like magic, all of these symptoms would disappear and the person could lose weight, have healthy skin, and have increased immune defense.  Other approaches might include correct skin-brushing techniques, clay preparation, apple cider vinegar soaks and many more. We've handled the CAUSE of the problem.  It doesn't have to be difficult. 

Dr. Doreo will help find your problem and work out a solution.


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