Can UV Light Treat the Blood of COVID-19 Patients?

 This is a reprint from Dr. Mercola's website. We will continue to look at the discussions around infection, illness and activated oxygen therapies as well as novel therapies for novel conditions. This is not meant to diagnose or treat disease, nor does it imply suggestions for personal health decisions. Can UV Light Treat the Blood of COVID-19 Patients? Analysis by  Dr. Joseph Mercola     May 11, 2020   Astaxanthin Helps Alleviate Cytokine Storm Can You Fight COVID-19 and Other Viruses With Water? STORY AT-A-GLANCE The use of UV light to kill the COVID-19 virus was recently brought up in an April press briefing Ultraviolet irradiation of blood (UBI) was widely used and effective until antibiotics were developed Doctors at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, in partnership with a specialty pharmaceutical company, are developing a UV device called "Healight" The specialty pharmaceutical company, Aytu BioScience, is seeking an emergency use authorization for "H

TMJ and Face Pain Self Care

  TMJ problems causing jaw and face pain affect many people. This is a little list of self-care treatments to do at home. Please check with your doctor, dentist or health care specialist before doing the treatments, this is not intended to be a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment, not is it appropriate for all jaw and face pain conditions. WASH HANDS AND WEAR RUBBER GLOVES WHEN DOING THIS TECHNIQUE ON SOMEONE ELSE!! Person is lying supine (soup-pine=face up, "soup is on the belly"). If doing this on yourself, sit in front of the mirror and use the video to help guide you.  TMJ & Face Pain Self Care video 1.    With fingers or thumbs inside mouth, spread the upper molars apart.   Hold for 3 deep inhalations and exhalations. 2.    With fingers or thumbs inside mouth, spread the lower molars.   Hold for 3 deep inhalations and exhalations. 3.    With fingers or thumbs inside mouth, pull the lower molars toward the feet (straight down). 4.    Wipe the sma

COVID-19 Highlights

Certain features have been elucidated about the tendencies of human infection of the COVID-19 virus. The most recent paper states: "These findings suggested that the initiation of the immune response result in the production of chemokines and cytokines, which damage normal host lung." 1 Chemokines and Cytokines are the chemicals the body uses to fight infection, with the purpose of creating a healing for the host-human. When the person has a pre-existing high level of these inflammatory chemicals or has a harder time dampening a hyper-vigilant immune response (as in autoimmunity), an infection can hit much harder than for those with normal inflammatory responses. This explains why COVID-19 is worse for people with underlying conditions that often are paired with older age: diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune conditions. Determining the level of inflammation from a blood sample might help understand where the inflammation baseline is. Markers such as hsCRP, HA1c, ESR, s

Foot and Ankle Stabilization Exercises

Wearing shoes prevents normal joint movement and muscle contraction in the foot and lower leg...eventually creating gait problems that involve the entire body. The feet are the foundation of the spine and this is the reason I check everyone's feet for problems. This quick video is an instructional for those who I have recommended these specific exercises. If you have foot problems, please be sure to have a thourough evaluation of the condition before trying these exercises on your own.  Some conditions could be made worse by exercising these muscles. Each exercise is to be performed 10 to 20 times once a day for optimal performance. Happy feet for a happy life! Dr. Doreo

Simple Tummy Remedy

    Has partying throughout the year gotten your tummy in a twist? Gas, bloating, pain, constipation, diarrhea, blood and mucus are all hints of disruption in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Bleeding in particular can be an ominous medical sign requiring further testing so be sure to see your doctor if there is blood in the stool or on the paper.      A cleansing veggie broth for GI rest is simple and effective to do any day of the week. You may add broth to your daily routine, or take a cup a few times a day. Some people benefit from a broth fast for 1 day or more...please consult your primary care physician for support and safety if fasting is appealing to you. Here is a recipe I have had around for years. It can be modified if you do not tolerate something listed, just make sure you choose a substitute that is an alkaline vegetable.     Enjoy, Dr. Nancy ALKALINE BROTH An alkaline diet is a diet that emphasizes , to a varying degree, fresh fruit, vegetables, roots and tub

Prolozone, Second Opinion Newsletter by Dr. Shallenberger

The Amazing Breakthrough that Rebuilds Damaged Joints from the Inside Out Unfortunately, drugs and surgery are the only options most doctors know about. And neither option is very good. Drugs only mask the problem, and they carry a long list of side effects. Plus, as Prince found out, they can be addictive. Surgery is good at repairing joints, but it comes with a whole host of downsides. Even under a best-case scenario, it is painful and requires weeks of physical therapy. Under the worst-case scenario, it can leave you crippled and in pain for the rest of your life. And of course, there is always the risk of complications like blood clots and infection. But what if there was a better way to repair damaged joints? What if there was a way to get rid of the pain and even  regrow  your joints? Well, believe it or not, there is a way to do exactly that. And it's called  regenerative medicine . Regenerative medicine is not science fiction. And it's not something you&