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TMJ and Face Pain Self Care

  TMJ problems causing jaw and face pain affect many people. This is a little list of self-care treatments to do at home. Please check with your doctor, dentist or health care specialist before doing the treatments, this is not intended to be a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment, not is it appropriate for all jaw and face pain conditions. WASH HANDS AND WEAR RUBBER GLOVES WHEN DOING THIS TECHNIQUE ON SOMEONE ELSE!! Person is lying supine (soup-pine=face up, "soup is on the belly"). If doing this on yourself, sit in front of the mirror and use the video to help guide you.  TMJ & Face Pain Self Care video 1.    With fingers or thumbs inside mouth, spread the upper molars apart.   Hold for 3 deep inhalations and exhalations. 2.    With fingers or thumbs inside mouth, spread the lower molars.   Hold for 3 deep inhalations and exhalations. 3.    With fingers or thumbs inside mouth, pull the lower molars toward the feet (straight down). 4.    Wipe the sma

COVID-19 Highlights

Certain features have been elucidated about the tendencies of human infection of the COVID-19 virus. The most recent paper published in The Journal of Medical Virology early in 2020 states: "These findings suggested that the initiation of the immune response result in the production of chemokines and cytokines, which damage normal host lung." 1 Chemokines and Cytokines are the chemicals the body uses to fight infection, with the purpose of creating a healing for the host-human. When the person has a pre-existing high level of these inflammatory chemicals or has a harder time dampening a hyper-vigilant immune response (as in autoimmunity), an infection can hit much harder than for those with normal inflammatory responses. This explains why COVID-19 is worse for people with underlying conditions that often are paired with older age: diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune conditions. Determining the level of inflammationfrom a blood sample might help understand where the in