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Mold Toxicity

Mold is both friend and foe. Good molds break down dead plants and animals and return the substances back to the planet as a form of recycling. These enrich the soils which are used in agriculture, composting, peat or peloid baths, to name a few. Molds that grow as food include mushrooms, yeast, and medicines such as penicillin. Our immune systems are educated to recognize mold spores as foreign invaders after exposure and uses the allergy-response antibodies to annihilate the invaders. Once that has happened, the body will develop a group of antibodies that remember this mold and will have a swifter and stronger future response.   Testing the building and the body for molds is easier now than ever before. Kits for the home and mold panels supplied by doctors have become more specific. Mold related illness continues to be somewhat controversial and includes a number of non-specific symptoms. Headache Runny nose Stuffy nose Fatigue Memory loss Irritat

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