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Your liver could be an alcoholic even though you are not!

One doesn’t have to be an alcoholic to acquire liver disease . As a matter of fact, more people in the United States are diagnosed with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease ( NAFLD ) than Alcoholic Liver Disease ( ALD ). Thirty percent of the population is affected, it is often asymptomatic and may not be detected! The clinical picture ranges from no symptoms at all to discomfort in the area of the liver, fatigue, poor quality sleep, obesity with abdominal (brown) fat and abnormal blood tests. So how does this happen? The liver is the master filter of the blood stream, pulling out toxic chemicals, extra hormones, metals and excess sugars. It’s a complex set of processes that essentially require the liver have a store of materials to pull from, creating the protective network that is essential to life and health. Risk factors abound for NAFLD. The usual suspects include diabetes type 2 (what we associate as adult onset), obesity, high lipids in the blood (elevated cholesterol and