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Time Restricted Eating/Intermittent Diet Slow Start!

  Time restricted feeding has been shown to help people lose weight and have better energy. I recommend this to move forward toward achieving the goals around having healthier habits. If you have blood sugar handling problems or food allergies or mechanical joint problems, please check in to make sure this program is for you.   Start reading the Power of Habit book. Week 1. Think about new habits. Once you've gotten a couple of chapters in, start on the plan we have for you. ·         Start the time restricted feeding this week at 16:8. That's16 hours of no food: 8 hours of eating healthy foods. ·         The Whole 30 Diet has a helpful list of lower sugar content foods . We are not recommending The Whole 30 Diet, just the list to give you a few ideas. As a note, when it comes to Kombucha, stick with the no sugar versions, like Lion Heart.   ·         Have 3 to 5 cups of vegetables a day. Measure this out so you