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The Benefits of Ozone Therapy

  The Benefits of Ozone Therapy During ozone therapy sessions it’s administered directly into the body. It can be injected into arteries, specific muscles, the skin, rectally, or intravaginally. Because the administration routes are so flexible, ozone therapy can be used to improve the overall health or target specific parts of the body. The oxidation process breaks down and eliminates toxins. But, when the body doesn’t have enough oxygen to properly perform this function, there is a build-up of toxins that can result in ill health. Ozone therapy has been used to alleviate a number of health concerns. The benefits of ozone therapy  are numerous and include: Improved circulation. Increased release of oxygen from the blood so it can be used by the tissues. As a natural and safe antiseptic that can eliminate bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It increases the production of acetyl CoA, which enhances detoxification. Acceleration of glycolysis in red blood cells, which is the breakdown of glucos