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We shouldn't be able to see the air we are breathing!

The lungs are being inundated with more toxins than usual: both chemical and particulate. That's the nature of wildfires and human-generated pollutants. What can you do about it? The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. The lung has a system much like an escalator that moves particulates, whether mucus or small pieces that were inhaled, up to the throat where they can be coughed out. Another system involves chemical reactions to protect the delicate tissue. These chemicals defend the surfaces by neutralizing harmful substances that come in contact with or are made by the lung tissue. Commonly known antioxidants from fruits and vegetables are available for the body to use when supplied in the diet. The best sources are freshly grown and picked organic, non-GMO foods. A large part of the challenge supporting the body to do it's job detoxifying is supplying active nutrients in sufficient quantity. It is here that we are fortunate to benefit from nutritional supplements, co