What is Homeopathy?

 What is Homeopathy? 

Imagine a world where there are two ways to heal the body. One is to listen and observe the problem, then figure out what to do to it to fix it, and the other is to listen and observe then provide what the body needs to heal itself. 


 "similia similibus curentur" is commonly used in the sense of "all diseases should be treated by similar drug diseases"

For 200 years Homeopathy has been healing the body from the inside out by matching the healing stimulus to the wellness problem. Curing the illness comes from within. There is not one cure that comes from new medicine. Applying and prescribing drugs, removing parts, redirecting plumbing might serve to relieve symptoms or cover up underlying issues, but only the body is responsible for healing itself.  

How does a remedy match an illness? I think physics can explain some of this. Everything has a vibration, and energy signature to it. We know that we can cancel out a wave with another wave of equal yet opposite amplitude. So, if a person is sore and bruised, then a plant whose properties when ingested makes one feel sore and bruised would apply. I know that might sound strange, but imagine taking the vibrational energy of that plant and applying it to the vibrational energy of your bruised and sore body…the remedy essentially cancels out the symptoms and the body systems facilitate a healing. 

I did this with my son when he was a toddler and hit his head on the coffee table. As I watched a violet bump rise from his forehead, I began to apply Arnica gel around the area gently. Before my eyes the violet bump regressed and his forehead showed no signs of trauma. I repeated this over and over with colds, coughs, insomnia, joint pain, bug bites, sprains and strains, fevers, emotional difficulties and more. 

Chronic illness responds as well. Psoriasis, hot flashes, heartburn, varicose veins…they all have their unique energetic signature, and when you listen and look around, there is a remedy addressing each individual illness that can facilitate healing within. Hundreds of thousands, of remedies from the plant, animal, mineral, and human kingdoms are available to serve us. 

It’s not always an easy, fast process. I know Americans are notoriously expectant of instant results. Like Shrek describes in the movie, “Ogres are like onions. They have layers.” People have layers. Part of listening and observing includes staying present to the shifting processes that inevitably occur over time. Many times, there is not “one” treatment.  

As your doctor providing homeopathy as an option, I look and listen. I shift the treatment plan as you shift your healing picture. This is team work…you, me and the resources the planet provides. 

Always, the best of health!

Dr. Nancy Doreo, DC ND


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