Make it Simple: Personalized nutrition

Who has time for follow through in such a busy life? Nutrient recommendations can be overwhelming. I have people asking all the time if they have to take so many vitamins every day. There is a way to simplify, just keep reading.

  • Are you tired of opening so many vitamin bottles every day?
  • Is it hard to follow your nutritional program?
  • Do you wish you could customize packs to meet your needs?

Dr. Doreo can customize a med-pack of vitamins through her site at Wholescripts. Feel free to take a look at the offerings on Wholescripts, using the link below. Open one to three packs a day instead of all those bottles!

No gall bladder? No problem. One of life's biggest challenges after losing a gall bladder is absorption of the healthy omega fatty acids/oils. A predigested fish oil is available to ensure absorption of healthy fats to protect the brain, heart, hormones and skin. 

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Check out Dr. Doreo's website here Let's make personalized medicine functional!


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