Dr Doreo's Rules for Health & Vitamin C

Dr. Doreo’s Rules For Health
Find out what your body needs most. Use our
health survey and testing tools at Chiropractic
Works! to target your personal needs.
Set up your vitamins and diet to fit your needs and lifestyle.
Keep it simple.
Have your daily routine include personal time. Be creative, and
be protective of your personal time.
Be prepared. Have emergency supplement support kits at home.
Check with us at the office for your kits covering: Colds/Flus,
Spasm/Pain, Injury, PMS, Indigestion/Heart Burn, or customize
your specialty items. Don’t be caught ill prepared! Studies
show that many symptoms are alleviated and healing is
accelerated for those who apply natural remedies at the beginning
of a problem.

Imagine that you have been miniaturized
to microscopic size and now find
yourself in the blood stream looking
down the length of a blood vessel. There is a
continual stream of material flowing toward you
including a long line of white blood cells that
have been made more active by vitamin C. They
move as if on patrol, searching the blood for any
toxic substances or viral or bacterial foreign
invaders. When in close proximity to one of these invaders, such
as bacteria, the white blood cell forms a tentacle-like projection
that extends out from the surface of the cell and wraps itself around
the invading bacteria, drawing it into the cell to destroy it. The
ammunition needed to destroy the infection-causing bacteria is
released inside the white blood cell. This ammunition consists of
powerful enzymes and substances called oxygen free radials.
Vitamin C not only supercharged the white blood cell for activity
but also this vitamin C inside the white blood cell helps protect it
from being damaged by its own infection fighting ammunition. You
are now eyewitness to the fact that vitamin C is essential for immune
Immune Function Support
Factors known to help our bodies fight
infection include: eating a blood-type
friendly diet consisting of the fiber,
complex carbohydrates, and proteins in the
form of fresh, whole, unprocessed foods:
good psychological health achieved
through stress control, positive thinking,
and rewarding activity; and
good physical conditioning
through aerobic exercise, passive stretching, adequate
sleep, rest, and relaxation.
Studies have indicated that vitamin C may
help increase the activity of specific white
blood cells, the cells involved in fighting
infection. It has been observed that in the
presence of vitamin C, white blood cell
movement may be stimulated, as may be
their ability to destroy bacteria. It has also
been noted that certain virus growth may be
inhibited when vitamin C is present.
Optimal Benefit from Vitamin C
Because of this kind of research, and often
a positive personal experience, many people
regularly take vitamin C. But human beings
face a significant problem trying to ensure
that adequate vitamin C is available when
the body needs it. Unlike many animals,
the human body lacks the ability to
manufacture vitamin C. Having this ability
affords animals a distinct advantage because
they automatically produce more when more
is needed. For example, goats will
manufacture a remarkable 600% more
vitamin C to meet their needs during times
of physical stress. Humans must depend
on diet or vitamin C supplements to
supply their needs. This being the case,
many people wonder “what is the best
way to help ensure that my body will
absorb and utilize an adequate level of
vitamin C when I need it most?” The
answer is clear: by providing a form of the
vitamin that is easily absorbed, well
tolerated, and effective.
Choosing the Best Form of Vitamin C for You
Basic vitamin C, called ascorbic acid due to its acid nature, can
sometimes irritate the mouth and stomach and cause gas and diarrhea
when taken in moderate to high quantities.
A well-tolerated form of vitamin C is a blend of mineral ascorbates.
A mineral ascorbate is vitamin C bonded to a mineral such as calcium,
magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc. It makes the vitamin C less acidic
and therefore less irritating to the stomach and intestine.
When the quantity of vitamin C taken exceeds the body’s ability to
assimilate it, the excess vitamin C cannot be retained and will be
eliminated. This may cause diarrhea. Each human body has its own
assimilation rate. Taking smaller amounts spread throughout the day
is one way to increase assimilation.
Another important feature to look for is the blending of vitamin C
metabolites into the mixture. A metabolite is a substance essential to,
or affecting, the metabolism or a product of metabolism. When vitamin
C metabolites are added, the functional activity of vitamin C may be
enhanced. For example, the metabolites ribose and xylitol may help
to slow the breakdown of vitamin C by a mechanism known as
feedback inhibition. This slows down the assimilation. An additional
advantage of vitamin C metabolite mixtures is that acidity is
neutralized, and they rarely cause stomach or intestinal upset. These
attributes result in an excellent form of vitamin C suitable for many
In addition to supporting the white blood cells with super-charged
ammunition from Vitamin C for defense against invaders, we can
also reduce the toxins flowing in the blood that stress the immune
system. This can be done by employing certain immune supporting
herbs to assist the body with its detoxifying functions.

Many sites offer buffered vitamin C products. The Fullscript dispensary Dr. Doreo uses will allow you to choose the perfect product for you and your family. 
If you have specific questions about your needs, Dr. Doreo will take the time on your next appointment to help.

Nov 2008


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