Warning Signs

Have you ever wondered if you had warning signs of ill health or impending illness?
Here are a few cues to initate the health improvement journey...the path to getting better as you get older. Medically speaking, we are expected to grow sicker and sicker as the aging process progresses. Dr. Doreo is hear to tell you that that is NOT the case. A carefully planned and staged/phased program can allow you to restore your health. In some cases, people feel better than they ever have before after a few months on track to better health!

Consider that it is not NORMAL to be sick, yet it may be common...such as the common cold. It isn't NORMAL to have the symptoms listed below, however, Americans through faulty diet and lifestyle choices will contract common illnesses. It is those common illnesses we seek to eliminate by creating a new lifestyle by choice! Choose health or choose sickness...It is your CHOICE.

Look over this list, then get set up to consult with Dr. Doreo about your symptoms. She will order any necessary lab work and customize a nutritional program to get you back to health!

·      Frequently sick
·      Bruises easily
·      Heals slowly
·      Ulcers that heal slowly
·      Chronic skin problems (rashes, moles, boils, psoriasis)
·      Fingernails and toenails
·      Edema in ankles and sore feet
·      Discoloration/darker color of the skin of feet and ankles
·      Tremors
·      Dizziness
·      Decreased memory/concentration
·      Frequent changes in vision
·      Floaters, eye problems, glaucoma
·      High blood pressure
High pulse

·      Low oxygen
·      Low bone density
·      Unusual chronic fatigue
·      Digestive aids
·      Constipation
·      Diarrhea
·      Stool that floats
·      Gas/bloating
·      Child with extremely foul gas
·      Senior drug toxicity, overdoses, low or slow clearance
·      Drug induced conditions (Alzheimer's-like symptoms)
·      Bad Breath/Coated tongue
·      Blood out of any orifice it isn’t supposed to be in
·      Long-term drug use
·      Short-term frequent drug use
·      Skin, hair, eyes changing
·      Posture

Dr. Doreo will help you identify the nutritional imbalances that prevent normal body healing and function.  The above warnings signs are signals from your body that something is “NOT O.K.”

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