Prolapsed (Dropped) Colon and Diverticulitis

Prolapsed (Dropped) Colon and Diverticulitis

Without proper nutrients the entire body suffers nutritional deficiencies.  The intestinal tract (a muscle) weakens in muscle tone and can become very labored to move the foods through. As the intestinal wall weakens, the bowel space expands gathering an accumulation of waste material against the bowel wall.  The intestine muscle may become "prolapsed" forming folds and pockets of digested material it is unable to fully expel.  In this state the abdomen will be seen to distend as the bowel fills with foods trying to move through the intestine.  Only partial elimination is achieved, as full elimination becomes impossible in this state.  The build up of waste material decays within the bowel and toxins develop.  These toxins are absorbed into the body causing further trouble.

Mucus forms when bacteria invade the unhealthy colon and create acid, destroying the mucus lining on large and small intestine. This alters the lining which would protect from bacterial invasion to the blood. This is called leaky gut or gut permeability.  Small holes set up between the intestine and the blood stream allowing larger undigested food particles and bacteria to pass into the otherwise sterile blood. The movement of material through intestine can speed up in an attempt to minimize the absorption of foul putrefied matter.  Nutrients are not absorbed into the blood stream when this occurs. When the system is very alkaline, it thus neutralizes the acidic waste (bacteria creating acid in the waste).  Healing can take place in the proper alkaline (non-acid forming) environment.  Muscle tone in the intestinal tract can return to normal.

Restore your colon’s health by making specific changes to your lifestyle.  The body will heal itself under the proper circumstances.

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