Dr Doreo's Rules for Healthy Children

Dr. Doreo’s Rules For Health

1.  Find out what your body needs most.  Use our health survey and testing tools to target your personal needs. Many times one or two organ systems can become the primary cause of several symptoms. That is why some questions are repeated in our symptom survey forms. Using these tools, Dr. Doreo can single out and target the primary problems, allowing related symptoms to also heal without direct intervention!

2.  Set up your vitamins and diet to fit your needs and lifestyle.  Keep it simple.

3.  Have your daily routine include personal time.  Be creative, and be protective of your personal time. Take one day off a week....make no plans or committments that one day and feel more refreshed and less stressed.

4.  Be prepared.  Have emergency supplement and homepathic support kits at home.  Check with us at the office for your kits covering:  Colds/Flus, Spasm/Pain, Injury, PMS, Indigestion/Heart Burn, or customize your specialty items.  Don’t be caught ill prepared!   Studies show that many symptoms are alleviated and healing is accelerated for those who apply natural remedies at the beginning of a problem. 

How can Dr. Doreo help my child?

This is a common question I hear at the office.  Children need chiropractic, too.  Dr. Doreo goes so far as to say, “If a body has a spine, chiropractic can help!”  Consider the stress of the last month of pregnancy followed by the delivery.  We have all been through that process.  A baby’s body is literally folded in half in the mother’s abdomen before delivery occurs – it is uncomfortable for both mother and child.  Delivery is a relief!  But the birth process is a trauma even when uncomplicated, and tissues are injured – even the caesarian delivery has it’s traumas for the infant.  Unresolved injuries can create troubles down the road.  Neck strain affecting the nerve centers to the head, face, neck and throat could potentiate lowered resistance in the tissues and increased susceptibility to disease. 

Begin by bringing a healthy child in for a check up with Dr. Doreo.  Only a chiropractor can tell you if a body needs chiropractic help.  Don’t play a guessing game with your child’s nervous system.

Dr. Doreo’s patient folders are filled with successful treatments for children.  Parents and their kids report improvement with headaches, stomach problems, irritability, concentration, interaction with others, sleep patterns, constipation, ear infections, coughs, weight gain, falling injuries, the list goes on.  The brain and spinal cord require optimal conditions for optimal function.  The gentle, carefully applied spinal adjustment Dr. Doreo makes to each individual creates an opportunity for improved function and performance of the individual.  Now that’s something we could all use!  Don’t hesitate.

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Nov 2003


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