EMFs, are they safe?

Feel like a lab rat sometimes?

Are EMFs safe for us, or not?
  • ElectroMagnetic Frequencies:
  • The most common sources are electrical wires, electric motors, power lines, metal pipes (plumbing), wireless devices and cordless phones.
Now before you yell at me, "Of course EMFs are not safe!" understand they are part of our environment for good. 
I have compiled some links to follow that outline tips and techniques to make your EMF space more habitable.
Some people feel EMFs bother them, while others do not. In the more holistic health fields, we find that a strong immune system is the best defense for our cells. Almost all of the people I have met who have EMF sensitivities also have less than optimal immune responses. 
So take a look at this information and feel free to share it. You may want to make some improvements to your environment, just to be safer or protect a loved one.

EMFs: Locating the source and decreasing the radiation

Meters for testing EMFs range in price and sensitivity. Find one you like or hire someone to test for you:
This is a basic meter that is under $150 http://www.trifield.com/content/trifield-meter/

Metal-mesh shielding works for Wi-Fi and wireless routers, but not electricity.
A simple home-project creates a Faraday cage to greatly diminish the emissions from the wifi and wireless electronics.
https://youtu.be/BrMIr6d4mGI - instead of duct tape, use the reflective metal tape for heat-vent pipes to create a more complete barrier.

For electrical frequencies such as wiring in the walls to outlets and lighting, using a special paint over areas of the wall that have electrical wiring is the best way to reduce emissions. This conductive shielding paint is sold on Amazon and some paint stores or hardware stores. Using a meter, a person can simply paint narrow areas of the wall where the wires run. The regular paint can be used to cover the areas that are shielded.
Use a conductive shielding paint:

This is a video of different shielding and the effects on a router’s emissions.
Comparing Shielding Performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXaFlqmphVk

Nutrition for EMF protection
Vitamin D, antioxidants: buffered Vitamin C, caffeic acid, melatonin, glutathione, ginkgo biloba, Vitamin E

Dr. Nancy Doreo
October 2017


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