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Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM)

Dr. Doreo is a Veterinary Chiropractitioner.  The human body and animal body are very much alike in basic structure and function.  Our pets suffer chiropractic problems similar to ours.  Sprains, strains, slipped discs, back/neck pain, sciatica, and joint pain are problems associated with having a muscular-skeletal structure.  Your pet may need a chiropractic adjustment and benefit by chiropractic care just as you do.

Our pets have other similar functions such as digestive tracts, organs, glands, and hormone levels that need to operate optimally.  We see nutritional deficiencies and sluggish organ functions in pets, as well as bones out of place with interrupted nerve and blood flows.  Our pet patients sometimes need immune system boosts and vitamin supplements.  In addition, injuries and arthritis symptoms are common in our office.  If your pet is showing symptoms of pain or discomfort, chiropractic care may be indicated. Dr. Doreo delivers the same high quality treatment to your pets that she gives to you and your family.

Why does my pet eat grass and throw up?
Eating grass or eating grass to produce regurgitation are both symptoms of digestive distress in some animals.  This may or may not follow food consumption.  Often, this is a symptom of incorrectly balanced foods.  Prepared pet foods come with a variety of different ingredients and different nutrient balances.  Some pet owners feel that you get what you pay for and assume the most expensive brand will be the best brand to buy.  Although it is true that the more expensive brand foods might contain higher quality ingredients, it is not necessarily true that it contains the nutrient balance your pet needs.  Each body is different and a food that is good for one pet may not good for another.  Out of balance pet foods will throw the pet's body out of balance.  Nutritional deficiencies can develop.  One of the first signs might be the pet eating grass or throwing up.  Other signs, such as skin irritations, allergies, gas, and general discomfort may also develop.

Dr. Doreo routinely evaluates pet foods for our pet patients.  Bring in a small sample of your pet food and have your pet tested to ensure the pet food you are feeding is in the right balance.  Even if your pet appears to be doing well on the food you are feeding, the food should be tested to ensure a problem isn't developing.  The wrong pet food can be even slightly off balance and take quite some time to produce a problem. 

Some pets are very sensitive to food additives, grains and preservatives.  In these cases, health food store brand foods containing all natural ingredients may be best. 

My pet has a terrible allergy to fleas.  What can I do?
Allergies in humans and in pets are symptomatic of immune system distress.  Where the immune system is restored to optimal function, allergies often disappear.  Colon cleansing products may be used to unburden the body of toxins so immune function can recover.  Pet "allergy" symptoms include skin redness and irritation, rashes, chewing, hair loss and scratching.  This can be very traumatic for the pet and its family.  Yet these symptoms are signs of immune response - your pet's body is fighting the allergen even though this immune response is at non-optimum efficiency.  These symptoms are some immune response.  If your pet's immune system were to shut down completely, these symptoms would not occur.

This weakened immune response might be a sign of nutritional distress.  Desperate pet owners sometimes turn to pesticides or putting their pet on products such as Advantage.  (One of the many flea-control products where pesticide is applied to the back of the pet's neck to prevent fleas from living on the animal.)  When allergy symptoms decrease and the owner considers their pet has improved.  But is this improvement really helping your pet's problem?  Pesticides are chemical poisons designed to kill the targeted pest.  These chemical poisons will be toxins in your pet's body.  Consider that the Advantage product is applied to your pet's skin where is absorbed daily into your pet's body, and yet it kills fleas for months!  This is a powerful pesticide - likely quite toxic to your pet. 

As allergies are a sign of weakened immune response to common environmental exposure and parasites, introducing more toxins into your pet's body may only worsen the problem.  Toxic overload probably already exists to have weakened your pet's immune system in the first place.  This might be due to unbalanced pet foods creating nutrient deficiency, or exposure to toxins used in the environment (and during flea season), or it might simply be a build up of general toxins over time that reduced the pet's immune function.  Whatever the reason, the immune system is failing and non-optimal responses like allergies are now observed.  The best solution is to restore strong immune function and your pet's natural defense.

Some elements, such as sulfur water (particularly sulfur water), can be very helpful for repairing the skin and aid in restoring your pet's natural resistance to fleas.  Sulfur deficiency causes the skin to break down and hinders new skin regeneration.  Weakening of the skin develops into skin that is susceptible to parasites and intolerant to infestation.  The constant chewing and scratching is an attempt to relieve the pain caused by loss of nutritional sulfur which provides the flexible bond in the now dry, brittle skin.  This is also why caged birds pull out their feathers.

Subjects with chronic to severe allergies have reported substantial to complete relief of their symptoms.  Allergy symptoms ranged from respiratory congestion to inflammation, itching, mucoid discharges and general discomfort.

Nutritional sulfur is required by many functions of the body including
collagen synthesis, muscle repair, scavenges free radicals, helps the liver to produce choline, controls acidity in the stomach and ulcers, coats the intestinal tract so parasites lose the ability to hang on, helps hypersensitivity to drugs, increases the body's ability to produce insulin, is important for carbohydrate metabolism and speeds up wound healing.  It has also been extremely helpful in stopping urinary tract infections and constipation problems.

My pet has skin trouble and the medication for this is expensive.  Is there an alternative medicine that is cheaper?
Skin problems are often nutritional problems in your pet.  Pet food testing and immune enhancement can be successful alternatives to medications.  Restoring more optimal health in your pet adds quality to life and reduces many ailments commonly addressed in our office.  There is no substitute for good health.  As to cost and expense, a pet in good health will have fewer health problems and need less medical care.

As outlined in this article, skin irritation, allergies, and parasites such as flea infestation are symptoms of weakened immune function.  Nutritional supplements and specialized supplementation for skin repair are helpful remedies for skin problems.  Sometimes this supplementation solves the problem completely. 

To find out what deficiency your pet may be suffering, Dr. Doreo can test your pet with nutrients.  When bringing in your pet to see the doctor, you should bring small sample(s) of the pet food you are feeding. Dr. Doreo will also test your pet to determine if this pet food is balanced for your particular pet.  This testing coupled with chiropractic care could be all that your pet needs to resolve a skin problem.

Will my pet have to come in several times a week like some people do?
Pets have the ability to heal faster than humans do.  Just as a dog year is equal to seven human years, pet healing is many times faster too.  Your pet may need follow up visits.  However, few pets require several visits a week.  Of those severe cases that do, very rapid healing occurs.
Our patients report the following success…

My Golden Retriever had developed a skin problem over a period of 5 years.  This problem got worse and worse until her skin was black in color and patchy hair. Dr. Doreo suggested we change the  protein from beef to chicken and lamb. It turns out that it is not uncommon for the golden's to have food sensitivities that cause these terrible skin conditions. My vet offered steroids, but I was uncomfortable with that, and, being an acupuncturist, I wanted to try a holistic approach before using steriods. I was thankful the vet ruled out infections! Within a month, on a new diet, fish oils, and filtered water, my dog has a healthy coat again! We are so happy with the results. And we won't be feeding our dog beef again, since it doesn't agree with her.

I have a little Shihtzu, 8 years old, named Hamish.  He's had some periodic throwing up after eating grass over the past few years but never been ill a day in his life.  All at once one morning, he was obviously in pain and sitting very still.  I took him to the vet and he was given a prednisone injection for what the vet thought might be a back problem, although nothing definitive showed up in any of the tests.  He was sent home with prednisone, a painkiller and antibiotics.  My vet cautioned me not to take him to a Chiropractor and told me that a Chiropractor could maim him.  Hamish worsened over the next few days until he couldn't sleep and fell over when he tried to walk.  I took him back to the vet and was told that his possible back problem could worsen to the point of severing his spinal cord with possible paralysis.  As the vet suggested, Hamish was hospitalized at the vet's for 4 days during which time he was given the prednisone and pain killers and kept immobile "so the back could heal." 
When I brought him home, I continued giving him these drugs as my vet instructed.  He soon worsened more.  He couldn't sleep, became very weak, would cry quietly in pain, didn't want to eat anything, and I was so upset that there was nothing I could do to make this go away!  I love him so much and I was in agony.  I personally couldn't sleep and developed digestive trouble myself with the worry. 
The day came when Hamish quit drinking water and I knew he had given up.  I forced water down him with a dropper but told my friend that I couldn't bear to see him suffering like this.  If he didn't improve within a few days I had decided to put him down.
           My friend was horrified and begged me to take him to the Chiropractor, Dr. Doreo.  As she said, I had nothing to lose at that point.  So, I went against the Vet's recommendation and brought him to Dr. Doreo without expecting anything could be done at this late stage. 
Dr. Doreo examined Hamish and told me his digestive tract was in severe distress, which had probably caused his back to go out.  She knew exactly what to do!  She adjusted him gently with the Activator instrument, gave him a nutritional product for inflammation, and sent me to an Alternative Medicine Vet.  Hamish had acupuncture for the pain and was taken off the medications immediately.  Dr. Doreo had me feed him the anti-inflammation product in the dropper with greater doses of water throughout the day.
Hamish was better and began drinking water on his own by the following day.  Dr. Doreo increased his nutritional program and he returned to the new Vet for more acupuncture.  Within a week he needed no more acupuncture and had no more pain.  Dr. Doreo gave Hamish regular adjustments and increased his food adding slowly some boiled chicken and green vegetables.  It was an uphill climb from there.  Hamish continued to improve with the coordinated care of these two doctors. 
           It took about 3 weeks before Dr. Doreo started Hamish slowly back on dog kibbles.  Interestingly, she tested him on his usual kibbles and found that this brand was not good for him and caused a poor reaction.  I started buying this brand a few years ago about the time he started throwing up after eating grass.  But when he was tested on a health food store brand, Hamish had no bad reaction.  So, Dr. Doreo had me put Hamish these new kibbles and he remains on them to this day.  His blood work was redone and his liver stayed distressed for 3 months from the effects of prednisone.  During this time, he remained on the inflammation product and was also put on a liver cleansing nutritional product.  His adjustments with Dr. Doreo continued to improve (he had fewer and fewer bones out) as his body improved.  He got better and better until his last adjustment found no (subluxations) bones out of place at all.  He was released from Dr. Doreo's care and goes back periodically for a "tune up," and he still has no bones out.  He is on the correct food now and is happy and full of energy.  He hasn't thrown up once in the 4 month since.
           It took Dr. Doreo months to bring Hamish back to optimum health.  She had to correct the damage done by the drugs before she could find the initial problem with his digestive tract.  I regret having taken him to the first Vet who nearly killed him.  I love Hamish and I'm so grateful to Dr. Doreo for saving his life.  I cannot say enough about how wonderful she is and how glad I am to find her.  I strongly urge anyone with a pet to seek the advice of Dr. Doreo in his or her pet's health care.  My little Hamish was dying within 6 weeks of seeking help from a Vet.  It took 3 months to get him back again with Dr. Doreo... but we did it!
           I have 2 more stories on the subject of pets that I wish to tell...
           About 6 weeks before my little dog Hamish became ill, I happened to take another little dog to Dr. Doreo.  A co-worker hit hard times and, in March of 2000, I offered to look after her little 14-years old Bijon Frise, Miki, until she could find a place that would allow dogs (which has never occurred).  Upon receiving Miki at my home, I found he had spent his entire life as an outside dog.  This was very distressing to me but more distressing was the condition this precious little dog arrived in!  His hair was falling out, some patches had turned from the natural snow white to brownish, and what was left was badly matted.  He had open sores that oozed fluid and blood.  My heart fell to my feet at the state of him.  His owner flippantly commented that Miki was, “old and dying of old age. “
Keeping Miki outside in the outdoor igloo his owner left for him was impossible for me to do.  Yet amazingly, through it all, little Miki was in good spirit and wagged his tail and smiled a lot.  He did, however, benefit greatly from daily cuddles.
           My friend, Sheree, works for Dr. Doreo.  Sheree told me she'd seen so many miracles occur in their clinic that she was convinced that, beyond her training, Dr. Doreo is a natural healer.  Sheree asked to take Miki to Dr. Doreo for help.  It was an opportunity for Miki so I agreed to anything that might help him.  I didn't know what to expect.
           Dr. Doreo examined him and found he was riddled with infection.  She said not one internal part was not severely affected.  She told us this little dog was dying.  His hair loss and the sores were due to the extreme internal infection.  She put him on a simple program to kill the infection and clean him out.  She then put him on certain nutrients along the way to restore his organs and glands, and his overall health improved steadily.  Within 3 months, his hair had grown back, the brownish hair patches returned to bright white, and the sores were healed.  He saw Dr. Doreo on a regular basis and his energy and strength continued to improve.  By the sixth month, his program had evolved to maintenance only.  In December 00, Dr. Doreo sent him to the alternative care Veterinarian to have 2 small non-cancerous cysts removed from the skin on his head.  This surgery was done with local anesthesia only and he healed very quickly and the stitches were removed.  He is now in tiptop condition and acts like a puppy.  He's a wonderful little dog!
           The alternative care Vet did an exam before approving Miki for the surgery.  She was BLOWN AWAY with the vibrant health of Miki at 15 years old.  She told us his heart is very strong and she couldn't believe she was looking at an older dog!  She commented that he has at least another 5 years to go. 
           Dr. Doreo obviously did an incredible job with Miki.  Beyond the vast improvements we have seen in him, a skilled Vet was so impressed with his health!  Miki's owner told me he was dying of old age when she brought him to me.  Dr. Doreo confirmed he was indeed dying.  And now he's so vibrantly healthy he has "at least another 5 years."  Dr. Doreo took him from the point of dying to the point of a young dog with "another 5 years" in about 6 months time.  She really is a healer!

           I wish to tell you is about my horse, Sidney.  He was a great jumper in his day but, as is often true with high performance horses, he retired early with injuries and body problems.  I found Sidney deserted by his owner, as he could no longer jump.  Sid's personality won me over immediately.  He is a young and playful horse in a broken body.  Last year his health deteriorated to the point he developed a "shoe boil"  (a boil near his armpit) the size of a tennis ball.  After a month treating this shoe boil, it finally went away.  But a week later he had developed a boil on his face.  This was lanced and drained until it was beginning to improve when he developed a hoof abscess (infection inside the hoof which is punctured and drained by a Vet and antibiotics are prescribed).  He was completely lame for 2 or 3 weeks and in pain as he tried to walk on 3 legs.  He had also developed so much soreness through his back over the past 2 years that he'd become un-rideable.  He had pains on top of pains!  It was very distressing for me to see him like this.
I was confident Dr. Doreo would be able to help Sidney after the miracles she's worked with my 2 dogs.  I asked Dr. Doreo to see Sidney.  She told me he had very low immune response and his immune system was unable to protect him.  She told me this is simply remedied by restoring his immune system.  Without doing this, we could expect problems of all kinds and I could expect ever-increasing Vet bills.  She gave me a $30 nutritional product for Sidney which I gave him every day for 10 days. 
She taught me a massage technique for him, too.  Sidney would actually lie down on the ground to get this massage, and he'd moan and groan with enjoyment!  It was quite a spectacle at the barn.  He loved it and all the people would gather to watch in amazement.
 His face boil disappeared quickly, his lame leg and sore muscles improved daily, his coat became very shiny and beautiful, and his energy level went way up.  But the most amazing thing is that his back soreness has completely disappeared and I am actually considering riding him again after I had to retire him 2 years ago.  I never expected his very sore back (actually started to swayback) to come back up and strong again!
           So, I asked Dr. Doreo to check my dressage horse, Chimie.  She is in wonderful shape but has had small difficulties over the years.  As a mother, she was unable to feed her baby because she had no milk.  Then she developed attitude problems.  My Vet gave her hormone injections, which helped improve her attitude.  But recently she is starting to grow a shaggy, thick coat.  Something is just not right with her - something very subtly off.  Dr. Doreo did an exam on her and found her pituitary gland was very weak.  She explained to me that the pituitary gland is the master gland that runs all of the other glands, like the female glands and the thyroid gland, etc.  Dr. Doreo suspected this pituitary problem has been a long-standing problem for Chimie.  With the pituitary not strong, the other glands would not do well.  So, Dr. Doreo put Chimie on a special formula for repairing this pituitary gland.  After a month, the gland tested strong and she didn't need the vitamin anymore.  Dr. Doreo is now taking Chimie through a step-by-step program to get her system functions working optimally. 
           We haven't finished the program with Chimie but I have no doubt I'll be writing another story for you when we do.  Dr. Doreo is phenomenal and can help all creatures, large and small.  Where I knew nothing a year ago, I am now very certain that alternative medicine works, and I am even more certain that Dr. Doreo is highly skilled in alternative medicine.  My life has changed.  I want everyone to know how much Dr. Doreo has helped me and my animals.  So amazed am I that I have started working at the clinic myself with this wonderful woman!


My eleven year old Akita, Kyta, was becoming an "Old Senior Dog" when I asked Dr. Doreo if she could see her.  Kyta then started seeing Dr. Doreo when I went for my monthly maintenance treatment.  Kyta now is able to jog and do stairs for the first time in years.

Several months ago, Kyta went to her vet for teeth cleaning and had to have two teeth removed.  I was greatly stressed to discover that Kyta had lost her hearing during the procedure.  I called Dr. Doreo's office for help!  (I had lost MY home security dog!)  Within two weeks Kyta was answering the doorbell again.  Also her eye sight has very much improved.

Kyta and I look forward to our monthly treatments and we are enjoying our "Senior Days"!  Kyta loves Dr. Doreo!!!

She refuses to get out of the car at her vet's office.  We can always get a new vet for those shots.


July 2001


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