Managing Holiday Stress

Managing holiday stress
Forget it, I am not going to recommend you “reduce your stress.”
The end of the year brings additional stress with Holiday demands and expectations.  It brings parties and additional social gatherings requiring your time and energy.  For most of this these obligations are taxing.  Being obligations does not mean they are unpleasant, they are simply extra work, bringing extra stress.
What do I recommend for managing holiday stress? 
Eat well.  And when you can’t:
               Gluten Flam for the cookies, breads and cakes that will only serve to make you fat and stupid otherwise!
               HCl Prozyme, DigestizymeV, or Spectrazyme for the difficult to digest meals.
               Intesol for heart burn due to dietary indiscretion.
               Adaptocrine or Adreset to adapt the adrenal glands to extra stress; or if you are REALLY stressed out and depleted, Adrenozyme or Adrenogen.  Liquid B12 Max is a powerful energy booster.
               Drinking to much Holiday Cheer?  Support your liver with Hepaticzyme or Silymarin.  A B-complex also helps restore depleted brain nutrients, such as Glycogenics or Glycen.
               Holiday Depression?  Many of the neurotransmitters can be helpful and supportive based on scoring the Neurotransmitter Assessment Form found at:                                    
               GABAtone for anxiety, Serenagen or Seratone for depression, ACHActive for memory and brain power, Dopatone for feelings of low self esteem or self worth/depression.
               Overindulgence?  Homeopathic Nux Vomica 12c or 30c helps with over-eating and over-drinking.

Many tools exist for managing stress.  In our current world, it is often unfeasible to “lower stress.”  This is why learning how to support yourself under times of stress is beneficial to reduce the likelihood of burnout.  Get the products you need on your shelf at home so you are armed to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.              
A Holiday Stress relieving adjustment and massage is always warranted.  Treat yourself to a “reset” of your stressful life.
I am here to serve you.
Happy and Healthful Holidays and  New Year.

Dec 2010


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