Immune Function and Support

Immune Function Support
Factors known to help our bodies fight
infection include: eating a blood-type
friendly diet consisting of the fiber,
complex carbohydrates, and proteins in the
form of fresh, whole, unprocessed foods:
good psychological health achieved
through stress control, positive thinking,
and rewarding activity; and
good physical conditioning
through aerobic exercise, passive stretching, adequate
sleep, rest, and relaxation.
Studies have indicated that vitamin C may
help increase the activity of specific white
blood cells, the cells involved in fighting
infection. It has been observed that in the
presence of vitamin C, white blood cell
movement may be stimulated, as may be
their ability to destroy bacteria. It has also
been noted that certain virus growth may be
inhibited when vitamin C is present.
Optimal Benefit from Vitamin C
Because of this kind of research, and often
a positive personal experience, many people
regularly take vitamin C. But human beings
face a significant problem trying to ensure
that adequate vitamin C is available when
the body needs it. Unlike many animals,
the human body lacks the ability to
manufacture vitamin C. Having this ability
affords animals a distinct advantage because
they automatically produce more when more
is needed. For example, goats will
manufacture a remarkable 600% more
vitamin C to meet their needs during times
of physical stress. Humans must depend
on diet or vitamin C supplements to
supply their needs. This being the case,
many people wonder “what is the best
way to help ensure that my body will
absorb and utilize an adequate level of
vitamin C when I need it most?” The
answer is clear: by providing a form of the
vitamin that is easily absorbed, well
tolerated, and effective.
Choosing the Best Form
of Vitamin C for You
Basic vitamin C, called ascorbic acid due to its acid nature, can
sometimes irritate the mouth and stomach and cause gas and diarrhea
when taken in moderate to high quantities.
A well-tolerated form of vitamin C is a blend of mineral ascorbates.
A mineral ascorbate is vitamin C bonded to a mineral such as calcium,
magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc. It makes the vitamin C less acidic
and therefore less irritating to the stomach and intestine.
When the quantity of vitamin C taken exceeds the body’s ability to
assimilate it, the excess vitamin C cannot be retained and will be
eliminated. This may cause diarrhea. Each human body has its own
assimilation rate. Taking smaller amounts spread throughout the day
is one way to increase assimilation.
Another important feature to look for is the blending of vitamin C
metabolites into the mixture. A metabolite is a substance essential to,
or affecting, the metabolism or a product of metabolism. When vitamin
C metabolites are added, the functional activity of vitamin C may be
enhanced. For example, the metabolites ribose and xylitol may help
to slow the breakdown of vitamin C by a mechanism known as
feedback inhibition. This slows down the assimilation. An additional
advantage of vitamin C metabolite mixtures is that acidity is
neutralized, and they rarely cause stomach or intestinal upset. These
attributes result in an excellent form of vitamin C suitable for many
In addition to supporting the white blood cells with super-charged
ammunition from Vitamin C for defense against invaders, we can
also reduce the toxins flowing in the blood that stress the immune
system. This can be done by employing certain immune supporting
herbs to assist the body with its detoxifying functions.
Scientifically-Proven Herbal Remedies
for Treatment and Prevention
of Cold and Flu
(Referring to the works of John Douillard, D.C., an Ayurvedic physician who runs the LifeSpa in Boulder, Colorado, and authored the book Body, Mind, and Sport)
Traditional systems of medicine interpreted the red leaves of
autumn as an expression of the heat rising up from the trunk
into the leaves, inflaming them with beautiful red and orange
color. Similarly, heat can rise in the body, drying the protective
mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and bringing
accumulated heat and impurities up into the head and neck.
In summer, nature supplies us with copious amounts of
hydrating, refreshing fruits, and cooling, leafy green vegetables
and herbs that help keep this from happening; however in
autumn with the changing seasons the risk of infection
increased dramatically. Without an end-of-summer cleansing
of the liver and blood, the body may unnecessarily heat up
and provoke its own cleaning in the form of an exhaustive
cold or flu.
Fortunately, in anticipation of this, nature has provided six
powerful cooling and bitter herbs to assist the body to cleanse
and at the same time provide effective armaments should a
cold or flu occur.
ECHINACEA (Echinacea purpurea, E. angustifolia)
A proven and effective therapy especially when taken at the
first hint of cold and flu symptoms12, supports numerous bodily
systems against the side effects of stress and fatigue, directly
boosting immunity3. It acts specifically on the lymphatic system
that houses the immune system and escorts wastes out of the
body. Stasis of the lymph (presenting with swollen glands
and sore throats) is often the first indication of compromised
immunity, infection and the need for Echinacea.
Immune stimulating properties that should be in formulas of
Echinacea include polysaccharides, glycoproteins, and
alkylamides45. High quality formulas contain these active
ingredients along with more volatile immunimodulating
compounds including polyacetlylenes, chichoric acids, volatile
oils and isobutylamides6.
GOLDENSEAL (Hydrastis Canadensis)
Remarkably high in berberine content. A yellow-colored
alkaloid, berberine is one of the most powerful plant-derived
antimicrobial agents in existence. Along with hydrastine, which
has similar well-documented antibacterial properties7, and
goldenseal’s anti-inflammatory actions and affinity for the
mucous membranes8 lining the respiratory tract, berberine
assists goldenseal in effectively fighting infection. Native
Americans used the rootstock as a near-panacea, its
effectiveness ranging from dandruff and ringworm to
pneumonia, jaundice, cancer, and heart disease910.
(Berberis aquifolim & Berberis vulgaris)
Both are also rich in berberine. The actions of berberine against some
bacteria, protozoa, and fungi are stronger than commonly used conventional
antibiotics. When taken together in proper proportions, Oregon grape and
barberry root bark provide a total range of synergistic alkaloids that enhance
the spectrum of effectiveness beyond that of a non-compounded goldenseal.
BEE PROPOLIS (Bee-harvested tree resin)
Sometimes called “nature’s penicillin” is thought to be one of the oldest
antibacterials of the Western herbal pharmacy, dating back to ancient Egypt
and Greece. Used by bees as a sealant for the hive, propolis contains active
bioflavonoids that inhibit the cellular enzymes that release viruses from
intra- to extra-cellular spaces; while the virus is contained within the cell
wall, phagocytosis engulfs the infected cell before a systemic infection
ST. JOHNSWORT (Hypericum perforatum)
In addition to being a mild expectorant for the respiratory system. St.
Johnswort is an extremely effective medicine for the treatment of
influenza11 , Epstein Barr12 , HIV13 , and acts as an antibacterial against staph,
strep, E. Coli, pseudomonas, and others14. Hypericin, which is St.
Johnswort’s major antiinfective constituent, is also a nerve tonic.
St. Johnswort is also used as a nervous system rejuvenative to strengthen
and restore the body’s natural defenses. Killing the invader (bacteria)
without strengthening the host (the body) will only yield symptomatic relief
and not a cure.
11 Muldner, V., II: Antidepressive Compositions of hypericin. European Patent Office, Publ. #0256A2.
1987: 175-7
12 Lavie, D. Antiviral pharmaceutical composition concerning hypericin or pseudhypericin. European patent
13 James, J.S. Aids treatment news. No. 74, Feb. 1989
14 Barbagallo, C., and Chisari, G. Antimicrobial activity of three hypericum series. Fititerapia. 58 (1987):
How does a person know which of these herbs are the best to take? Herbs
are very powerful medicine! I have found that the patient’s blood type and
individual body sensitivities will factor into my answer to this for each
patient. And while any of the above listed herbs can be taken singly with
results, I have found that combining the right herbs in correct proportion as
a formula will be even more effective. There is a synergy involved here.
When combined, the boosting properties of each individual herb are
enhanced and the beneficial effects to the body are maximized. The correct
herbs at the correct dosages are crucial if the product is to take on medicinal
Wagner and Jurcic (1991) determined that at a critical dosage, Echinacea
products significantly and therapeutically boost the immune system. This
critical dosage is much higher than that recommended on most commercially
available product labels, rendering most Echinacea products nontherapeutic.
Additionally, many of the brands tested were found to contain few if any
active ingredients.
Many effective formulas come from manufacturers of professional-grade products
sold only to Medical Professionals.
To provide the immuno-stimulation needed at the initial
stage of cold or flu infection to offset the first stage of
viral attack, the correct herbal dose is taken in warm
water every waking hour and continuing for 5 days.
Seasonally, to stay well, the correct herbal dose is taken in
warm water 3-4 times daily.
This Maintenance Dosage should be taken regularly during
the fall and winter months as a change-of-season cleanse
and detoxifier. Making sure the blood and lymph are
cleansed with each seasonal change is nature’s simple secret
to a life free of colds and flu. This allows us to gracefully
treat and prevent most seasonal respiratory infections.
SILVER WATER – Another product Dr. Doreo may recommend
is Ionic Silver Water. This product is superior to the colloidal silver
popularized in the 1980s. Ionic Silver Water is used internally, is highly
stable, and can be added to virtually anything for ingestion. It has a
somewhat bitter taste. It can also be successfully used topically. Silver
Water is one of the most effective natural antibiotics in existence.
Here’s a little more information on the use of silver, which has been
proven effective over the centuries:
Silver has been used since ancient times as a medicinal remedy and
preservative. The old phrase “born with a silver spoon in his mouth”
was not a reference to wealth but to the health of the person. In the
early 1800’s it was found that babies fed from silver spoons were
healthier than those fed with spoons made from other metals. Silver
nitrate was administered to the eyes of newborns beginning about
1834, eliminating incidences of disease-caused blindness. Silver was
used as an antibiotic in the late 1800’s, by the 1900’s it was by far the
choice for most medical practitioners. NASA uses a silver system to
purify water on its shuttles.
Silver salts are used to treat burn victims in all major burn centers
throughout the U.S. Silver also works on sunburns. It has been
successfully used to grow new skin on accident victims - including
the restoration of fingertips with the original fingerprint. Silver is
used as an algaecide in pools because it doesn’t burn the eyes. Many
cosmetic companies use silver as a preservative because it is nontoxic.
Modern medicine, however, has a tendency to downplay the
importance of silver. Yet, clinical tests show that silver works in a
manner that causes the body to create cells (called “stem” cells) that
rebuild human tissue. These cells are the universal building blocks
of the body. Silver is a wonderful antibiotic that seeks out and kills
over 650 known viruses and bacteria, is a great immune booster and
good for allergies, colds, etc. Silver is earth’s natural antibiotic!
Herbs, Homepathic Remedies, and Other Products
Dr. Doreo may recommend herbal formulas, homeopathic remedies,
and/or other nutritional products like high-grade Vitamin C. After
testing your body to determine which products are needed, Dr. Doreo
will recommend a program to help your body defeat the specific
infection you are having trouble with. Your body may test better to
one approach or a combination of approaches. Dr. Doreo can tailor
the program that is most effective for you.
The skilled alternative medicine doctor has become a treasured
resource for patients and their families. We have many alternatives
available to enhance, repair, and strengthen the defenses against many
unfavorable invaders. Just as healthy friendly bacteria are required
for effective immune defense, a healthy digestive tract also
protects the brain. Dr. Doreo is trained to detect problems in
the nervous system (brain and spinal column) that prevent
optimal communication from the brain to the tissues, further
compromising an individual’s health, recovery from illness,
and increasing your susceptibility to disease. Dr. Doreo can
help establish the best possible defense to the toxins and
stressors of everyday life.
My philosophy is “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”…
This is a common objection patients will give to scheduling
appointments for preventive/maintenance health care.
Becoming sick with a cold or flu may or may not be viewed by
some patients as “broken.” Many people consider that cold
and flu season is just a part of “normal” life and see no real
harm in it. This is not true information. Consider that your
car will continue to run fine with dirty oil and only “breaks”
when the effects of that dirty oil destroys internal parts…
The information presented in this newsletter outlines how
becoming sick occurs after the body has “broken.” Human
bodies are designed with defense mechanisms (immune
system) that protect you from becoming sick. Your immune
system has broken down and failed (malfunctioned) in order
for you to become sick. By being sick, you will tax your broken
immune system even further, as well as use up vital resources
(essential nutrients) needed for the repair and function of other
body systems. Minor repairs can be made early to prevent
major repairs later on.
Preventive health care is less expensive and reduces the wear
on other body systems. As with your car, maintenance care
extends the life and performance of the vehicle. And prevents
the expensive overhaul required when broken parts are ignored
until a serious or chronic illness ensues. Unfortunately, new
body parts don’t exist to replace damaged body parts worn out
with abuse. Dr. Doreo can help you establish the maintenance
care schedule you need to preserve your body parts!
Maintenance health care is more important than you might
What Happens When Taking Antibiotics?
Infections are, specifically, invasion of the body by harmful bacteria.
To understand infection, one needs to understand bacteria. Bacteria
functions to break down substances. Some bacteria are beneficial
to a human body and some is harmful. It is important to understand
the 2 types of bacteria:
Friendly Bacteria. “Friendly” because this bacteria has the
function of breaking down substances for digestion and is also an
intricate part of the immune system. Plentiful friendly bacteria in
the intestinal tract are essential to good health and strong immune
function. We require friendly bacteria in the body and without it
we will be invaded by illness, disease, and infection (harmful
bacteria). There are more than 400 different species of friendly
bacteria in the human digestive tract. Healthy friendly bacteria
prevent recurrent vaginal yeast and urinary tract infections, kill some
viruses and harmful bacteria, and decreases cancer causing toxins.
Drugs such as alcohol and antibiotics can decrease the number of
healthy friendly bacteria in the intestines. This leads to deficiencies
and the increase of harmful bacteria and illnesses.
Harmful Bacteria. This is bacteria detrimental to the body.
This bacteria has the function of decaying substances and returning
them to the soil. Decaying dead leaves and carcasses back to the
soil is great for the environment. However not so great when it’s
decaying your body back to the soil while you’re still alive! Harmful
bacteria invading a living body is infection. Some harmful bacteria
cause illness while others pose no problem until certain conditions
allow them to multiply quickly or move from the part of the body
where they usually live.
The miracle of antibiotics is their ability to destroy bacteria.
However, antibiotics destroy ALL bacteria, both the harmful bacteria
we don’t want as well as the friendly bacteria we do want in our
bodies. When the immune system is not strong enough to prevent
harmful bacteria from invading the body in the first place, and too
weak to recover once it has invaded the body, then antibiotics are
indicated. Antibiotics handle the urgent situation very well.
After eliminating the harmful bacteria, the friendly bacteria must
be replenished for the immune system to regenerate again. When
this vital step is overlooked, the immune system is left ineffective.
The body is defenseless and even more vulnerable to invasion from
infectious harmful bacteria. Lacking the essential defense to
infection, the already weakened tissues are readily re-invaded by
harmful bacteria. It’s a vicious circle too many patients are familiar
As you can see, the answer to harmful bacteria is having ample
friendly bacteria for a strong immune system. There are different
forms of friendly bacteria in the colon and in the body tissues.
Dr. Doreo helps our patients rehabilitate their immune systems
by supplements containing one or more of the forms of friendly
bacteria needed for their body. She tests to isolate which one(s)
are depleted. A patient that becomes ill or suffers from infection
may benefit greatly from strengthening their immune defense.
A patient taking antibiotics will generally need one or more forms
of friendly bacteria replenished to restore their immune system.
Supplements of friendly bacteria should be taken during as well
as after a course of antibiotics. In many cases, taking the needed
friendly bacteria supplements can prevent the need for
antibiotics. Avoiding antibiotics is best.
What Alternative is there to Antibiotics?
Many. But ascertaining whether there are alternatives to
antibiotics for you depends on your situation. Dr. Doreo will
test to see what alternatives may be options in your case.
Depending on what she finds, she may recommend more than
one product.
FRIENDLY BACTERIA - Rebuilding the friendly
bacteria in the bowel may be indicated whereby Dr. Doreo may
recommend a high quality supplement containing BILLIONS
of these bacteria per capsule. Acidophilus (a form of friendly
bacteria)-containing products have living bacteria in the bottle
that will die if not kept cool. It is important that the
products have been manufactured, shipped, and stored at
proper temperatures, and you will keep this product
in a cool place after purchase.
Unfortunately, there are several stages this product goes through
before you purchase it. It has been found that many commercial
products contain little if any live bacteria by the time they are
consumed. For this reason, pharmaceutical grade friendly
bacteria is available through Dr. Doreo to ensure you are
purchasing a high quality product that will get results. The bottles
we receive are assayed after every batch at the manufacturer
and shipped in refrigerated containers where they arrive still
cold at our clinic. The assay sheet is included that guarantees
the bottle contains in excess of the number of live bacteria listed
on the label. It may cost the patient more to purchase
pharmaceutical grade products through us but Dr. Doreo can be
certain you get the dose you need when you do.
Klaire Labs, Metagenics and other professional grade products can be purchased only through qualified healthcare professionals.

Patient Direct Orders can be made through the following links:    select ‘create account’ and use practitioner code: DrDoreo          select “register” and use patient authorization code: Q61

fulfillment numbers for patients: 185827

Please direct question specific to your health needs to Dr. Doreo, if you are her patient. Otherwise, consult a qualified health professional for specific recommendations.
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